To keep unit and co-operation among the young mass of the locality.
To build the moral life and character of the member of the societies as well as the villegers and
   maintained discipline in the village and township.
To develop the Cultural/ Scientific/ Fine arts/ Literature/ Sociological/ Economical/Professionals/
   women's empowerment / Education/Agriculture/ Environmental/ Tourism/Sports and games activities
   among the members as well as general public.
To develop the literary affairs through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Magazines and  news papers,
   and through radio and television programme, other media or communications.
To provide medical and educational facilities to weaker sections of the society and collect natural
   history, mechanical, philosophical inventions and designs.
To organize young mass of the society for various development of the society as well as social service
To encourage and practice of thrift/participate in co-operative efforts/create and fester the community
To spread and knowledge for cottage industries, firms, companies and other sources for self
To introduce adult education programme among the general public for eradication illiteracy.
To undertake relief  measures in aid to distress people effected by natural calamities or in other ways.
To formation of self  help groups, residence association, education & cultural center’s, arts & sports
   clubs and affiliation programme introduced other organizations.
To spread knowledge of citizenship and working jointly with the state/ centre welfare board / other
   organizations where co-ordination programme is introduce.
To take adequate steps for removal of dowry system from locality.
Utilize Popularly government grants and other funds of the society.